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O’Connor Construction offers the highest quality Kitchen Cabinets, Basement Waterproofing / Remodeling, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Remodeling, and more! Our contractors are highly skilled and experienced enough to take on any home improvement project.
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O’Connor General Contractors of New Jersey

NJ general contractors, O’Connor Construction know that the residents of New Jersey need quality home improvement resources at prices that fit their budget. We believe in providing our customers with the best remodeling and renovation for your kitchen, bathroom, basement, or any other room you wish. For over twenty years we have been serving Northern New Jersey as the top general contracting firm. Although we are located in North Jersey, we offer both residential and commercial contracting/construction to the entire state of NJ.

When it comes to residential and commercial construction, we are unmatched when compared to our competition. Why? Not only do we offer competitive pricing but we are also complete our projects quickly and efficiently (almost always under budget). Our relationships with manufacturers and suppliers means that we can offer you the best prices when it comes to the materials needed to complete the job. When you go with O’Connor Construction, you know you are getting the best general contractors in New Jersey.

Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are the perfect way to spruce up your kitchen – they’re known as the center piece or “accent” of the kitchen by interior designers. Here at O’Connor general contractors, we offer the highest quality kitchen cabinets in NJ. We have sold thousands of cabinets to homeowners and retailers all across New Jersey. Yes, we also sell wholesale.

All of our wooden kitchen cabinets are made from certified high quality wood. Not only do we offer certified high quality cabinets, they are all made in the United States of America, which means you know you are getting the best quality. Many of our competitors try to make a “quick buck” by secretly selling kitchen cabinets to NJ residents that are from over seas. We respect our customers and believe in giving them cabinets that will look great in their newly remodeled/renovated kitchen and last a lifetime.

For all of our kitchen cabinet projects and kitchen remodeling jobs, we work with KitchenBuilders.net.

Fence Installation Repair NJ

Fence Installation & Repair

Here at O’Connor Construction, we like to provide our customers with a wide range of home and property improvement services. That is why we teamed up with Halls Fence, a north jersey fence company, to give you the highest quality fence installation and repair services in the state!

We understand that many times homeowners decide to redo their entire property, including landscaping. In fact, before we teamed up with Halls Fence, we had been asked by many customers if we do any property/landscaping/fencing. That is when we decided to seek out the best fence company in NJ and team up with them!

Depending on your location in NJ, we also work with Reynolds Fence Company and Halls Fence Company – serving North, Central, and Southern Jersey.

If you are interested in fence installation and/or repair services, now we’ve got you covered!

Basement Waterproofing NJ

Time and time again we see customers come to us after a big storm and tell us, “Our basement flooded and we didn’t even know there was a crack in the foundation letting in a leak.” It’s a scary thought but the majority of the time you will never know that your basement wall and/or floor is compromised until it is too late and it floods.

Don’t wait until your basement is covered in two feet of water! Let O’Connor Construction waterproof your basement and keep it dry in the worst rain storms. We use special bonding/cement to make sure that absolutely no crack lets water through and ruins your basement. Our waterproofing services are so good that in the twenty years that we have been in business, our customers have never had a leak.

To learn more about how O’Connor Construction to waterproof your basement (and how we have waterproofed hundreds of other NJ residents basements), fill out the contact form below to schedule your free estimate.

Basement Remodeling & Finishing

Remodeling your basement is a great way to literally add another room to your home for a fraction of what an addition would cost. Customers come to us to have their basement finished for many reasons: office for their at-home business, extra play room for their children, guest room or bedroom for a family member. Whatever your reason, we are glad to help.

To begin the process of basement finishing/remodeling, we first need to waterproof your basement. This ensures that even in the worst rain storm, your basement will stay dry. After waterproofing and preparing your basement, we can create any room you want. We work with you and our designers to create a finished basement that looks amazing once remodeled.

To learn more about our basement remodeling and finishing services, fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Kitchen Remodeling / Renovation

Kitchen remodeling/renovation is one of the most popular residential general contracting services we do. Why? Because kitchens get beat up a lot. They are the one room in the house that will see stains, scratches, and more (almost daily). Even if they are small dents or scratches on your kitchen cabinets or kitchen countertops, they add up over time.

O’Connor Construction has renovated hundreds of kitchens in NJ. Our team of experts works with you to find the perfect design for your home, one that accents and accentuates your homes natural beauty. From preparation to finish, we work to make this experience as quick and painless as possible so you get your new kitchen as fast as possible!

When you go with O’Connor Construction, you know you’re getting the best contractors, materials, and price. Fill out the form below to schedule your free kitchen remodel/renovation estimate!

Mold Remediation / Removal

Mold is more dangerous that many people think. If you have a mold infestation, you need mold remediation ASAP. Mold can take over your home fast. How? It is a spore that is easily transmissible from room to room (and can travel between cracks and crevasses). Since it is so easily transmissible, mold can get into walls. Damp, dark spaces like walls are exactly where mold likes to grow. Slowly it eats away at the inner linings and wood, causing rot.

Not only is mold horrible for your home but it can cause severe physical reactions in certain individuals. Mold, being a spore can travel into your lungs. This can cause allergic reactions, an increase in asthma and many more reactions.

If you see mold growing in your home or business, make sure to have it remediated by a professional that has the skills and experience to get rid of all of it. Contact us below to learn more about our service and receive a free quote.

Bathroom Remodeling / Renovation

Bathroom remodeling and renovation is a popular service that we offer here at O’Connor Construction. Like the kitchen, the bathroom is a heavily abused room and one that is frequented all the time. Remodeling a bathroom is a big project and one that deserves precision and experience. Unlike renovating other rooms you are dealing with much more plumbing in a tighter space. This means that one minor error could ground the entire project.

O’Connor Construction has the skills and experience needed to remodel, renovated, design and install your new bathroom. We have remodeled hundreds of NJ residents bathrooms and they have been nothing short of amazed by our results.

If you are interested in learning more about our bathroom remodeling/renovation services, drop us a line by filling out the contact form below. We offer free estimates!

“O’Connor Construction remodeled our entire law office. It was a wonderful experience – they are all wonderful contractors!”

– Stephen J. Feldman, Owner of Feldman Criminal Defense

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