Basement Remodeling & Finishing

The Basement Remodeling/Finishing Process

Remodeling or finishing your basement is a home improvement project that many homeowners, at one point or another, begin to think about. Why? it is literally one of the easiest (and lowest cost) ways to add an entire level to your home. Not just one room but, depending on the size of your basement, many rooms! We have had customers turn their remodeled/finished basements into home offices, play rooms for their children, and more.

Basement finishing in NJ is not the easiest task. That’s because NJ is known for our big hurricanes which can bring big floods. Often times our customers are worried their basements might flood, ruining their newly remodeled basement. For all the basements remodeled by O’Connor Construction, we make it a point to thoroughly waterproof the entire basement before remodeling/finishing it.

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