This post is by our good friends over at Halls Fence Company of NJ.

Wood fences often look great when they are new but as they begin to experience wear and tear they start to look run down. You can save yourself the cost of installing a brand new wood fence every few years if you can learn how to maintain the one that you have properly. If well taken care of, wood fences can last for years. Use the following tips to keep your wood fence looking new:

• Buy wood fences that are made of hard woods such as cedar and red wood. These are naturally tough wood species and when they are pressure treated in the factory they become even stronger. This is especially important for fence posts as they are in contact with the ground.

• Once your fence is up you should treat it with liberal amounts of wood preservative. It acts like a sealant keeping out bugs and termites which can rot a fence through in no time. If you notice some rot add more wood preservative.

• Although vines look nice when they curl around wood fences they eventually bring them down. As the vine grows it gets heavier and also traps moisture to the wood. If you have vines in your yard direct them away from the wood fence and let them crawl along other stronger and more resistant surfaces.

• Does your sprinkler throw water onto your wood fence? If yes, you better move it. Each time you put in on it wets the wood and over time, the fence will rot through. You should also be careful when using your hose.

• If you need to wash your wood fence you must use a pressure washer with about 2700 PSI. Keep the tip about 1.5 ft away from the fence and move it constantly around so that you don’t get too much water on any part of the gate. Washing removes the sealant that you had applied so you have to reapply.

• If you notice any damage to your fence it is important that you deal with it immediately. Fence repair is not difficult especially if you can learn a little carpentry. You can get all the tools that you need at your local store. If you leave repairs undone they get worse.

• Termites must be dealt with at once. They can eat through a wood fence in days. Borax is quite effective in killing them but because they multiply fast you sometimes have to call in professionals to make sure they get all their nests. If you let termites eat through your fence they will soon attack your home.

Use these tips to make sure that your wood fence is always in fine condition.